The Voyista Difference: Why We Choose Trains Over Planes

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Here at Voyista, we're not your run-of-the-mill travel company. What sets us apart is the way we approach traveling—our choices are intentional, innovative, and always focused on providing an enriching travel experience for our customers.

One of the decisions we commit to wholeheartedly is opting for train travel over flights as much as possible. Why, you might ask? Simple — because it's more authentic, more scenic, and, most importantly, more sustainable.

Vibrant Authenticity

Imagine you're crossing the breathtaking landscapes of Europe—not from 30,000 feet up, with your head in the clouds, but at ground level. You're immersed in an ever-changing tapestry of lyrical landscapes, charming cities subtly unfurling with every mile you travel. This gives you an unfiltered view of the culture, life, and beauty that Europe has to offer — a far cry from the aerial snapshots from a passenger plane window.

Travelling by train is a journey in itself, not just a means to get somewhere. It is why we at Voyista opt for booking high-speed trains; they are a splendid blend of experiencing authenticity and maintaining efficiency.

Panoramic Scenic Views

One cannot argue against the undeniable charm of observing Europe's picturesque landscapes roll by from the comfort of your train seat. It's an experiential feast — from the lush vineyards of Italy to the snow-capped Alps in Switzerland or the golden wheat fields of France.

Train journeys are less about the destination and more about the exposure to the ever-unfolding enchanting sights. They sway you gently into the fabric of Europe, embedding you deep into its rich culture and stunning vistas etched in your memories forever. And our Avopass app keeps you informed about interesting sights and stops along the route!

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

Perhaps the most compelling reason we choose trains over planes at Voyista is our commitment to sustainable travel. Flights contribute significantly to carbon emissions, and as responsible travel experts, we are eager to minimize this impact.

Train travel significantly reduces your trip's carbon footprint compared to flights. This drive toward sustainability underpins every decision we make at Voyista — we are ever conscious of our responsibility, not just toward our travelers but also toward the environment.


For us, choosing trains over planes isn't just about the journey — it's a commitment to seeing Europe in its authentic form, both for the scenic beauty and the reduced environmental impact.

Our Avopass app, hand-crafted city guides, and carefully sourced sustainable accommodations underscore our efforts to render a seamless, enriching, and responsible travel experience. With Voyista, you’re not just exploring Europe; you're experiencing it in the most authentic and sustainable way.

At Voyista, we're transforming the travel sector, ushering in an innovative approach to seeing the world. And at the heart of it all is a deep commitment to enlightening experiences and responsible tourism. So why not come aboard and witness the Voyista difference for yourself?