Voyista Booking Terms and Conditions

Outlined below are the booking conditions for your Voyista trip. These conditions are current, as of December 1st, 2021.

1) What am I paying for?

When you pay for your Voyista trip in full, the following is included:

What does my deposit include?

The following is NOT included with your Voyista trip:

2) What should I know about the accommodation?

We strive to book you in top-rated hostels that we’ve personally verified as being great for travel. Here is some information about where you’ll be staying:

3) What should I know about the transportation?

We will get you from city to city in the most effective way possible. You’ll usually either be taking a train or flying. Here’s what you should know:

4) What is Voyista’s app?

Our iPhone and Android apps allow you to have a digital travel agent in your pocket. All e-tickets, reservations, directions, and activity info will be included here after you log in to your account. Here’s how it works:

5) What are the included suggested itineraries?

Voyista offers a comprehensive suggested itinerary for each trip listed on our site. These itineraries include daily activities that we suggest for each city. They are only a suggestion, however; you are free to do whatever you want! Spend the day relaxing in the hostel if you want, or go out and explore–it’s your choice. The itineraries we offer are expertly curated and we recommend that you explore the attractions we suggest. The costs/entrance fees for these suggested sites, however, are not included in your Voyista trip. We tell you how much they cost; the nice thing is, many of the attractions are free!

6) When should I book my Voyista trip?

We recommend booking your trip and paying for it in full as soon as you can. This will us to finalize your journey details sooner and ensure that you get booked in our first-choice partner hostels. You’ll ensure that you get better connections from city to city, as some will get fully booked the longer you wait.

7) Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend purchasing travel insurance for your Voyista journey. We do not offer it at this time for purchase. Travel insurance will cover any unforeseen medical expenses and other costs you may unexpectedly incur on your Voyista trip. Voyista, Inc. is not liable for any of these costs; they will be your responsibility. Because of this, travel insurance is a good idea to purchase.

8) If I haven’t paid in full, how can I change my trip or departure date?

If you would like to change your trip or departure date and it is still more than 30 days before your trip, feel free to email us at contact@voyista.com.

9) Can I book within 7 days of my desired departure date?

You will not be able to book a trip departing in less than 7 days on our website. Call us or email us at contact@voyista.com if you require traveling sooner than this. We may be able to still book your trip, but we can’t guarantee anything.

10) What if Voyista needs to modify or cancel my trip?

We’ll keep you fully updated if, for some reason, we have to modify your trip because of something on our end. If this change affects the overall value of the trip significantly, we may offer you an appropriate refund at our discretion. This isn’t likely to happen, however–we’ll do our best to help you see the world!

11) When can I get a refund?

If you have only paid initial payments and it is more than 30 days before your travel date, we can transfer 100% of the deposits to another date or another trip. There are 0 cancellation fees in this scenario. We can also offer a cash refund back to your original payment method--however, there are limits to this based on our partnerships with airlines and accommodations and the deposits we make to confirm each spot on a trip. A $250 cancellation charge will be deducted from the total amount that covers sunk payment processing fees and nonrefundable deposits made with our travel partners to confirm your spot. In additional to this $250 fee, up to $1,500 of your trip payments may be restricted to being used as airline credit for future flights on a certain carrier. If you have paid in full and confirmed your dates by email, or if the 30 day mark has passed, we cannot guarantee you a refund of any amount, given that we pay our partners in full on nonrefundable terms to secure the best rooms and transfer schedules. We recommend getting travel insurance to cover these exceptional cases that prevent travel--such as contracting COVID or a family/health emergency. If something (such as a transfer, ticket, city tax etc.) is missing from your trip while you travel, please feel free to email us at contact@voyista.com. If we find it was our fault, we can offer you a refund that corresponds to the value of what we failed to include.

12) What if I need to leave my trip early?

We will try to work with you if you leave your trip early, but we can’t guarantee you a refund of any amount in this scenario. All your reservations will be booked in advance and many can’t be refunded. We are also not responsible for your transportation or accommodation once you stray from your original itinerary in this scenario.

13) What is Voyista’s cancellation policy?

Payments made to Voyista are fully changeable up until 30 days before your trip or when you send us final confirmation of your dates--whichever moment comes first.

If your departure date is still more than 30 days out and you haven't confirmed your dates, you can change your departure date and/or the trip you chose to take. 100% of your past trip payments can be transferred. You can also request a cash refund of your trip payments if you do not plan on traveling with us anymore--however, a $250 fee will be taken from the total refund amount to cover the cost of payment processing and nonrefundable deposits with our partners, and a portion of the trip payments up to $1,500 may be limited to flight credit valid on only certain airlines.

If you have paid in full for your trip and confirmed your dates to us, however, we can’t guarantee you a refund of any amount. This is because we start booking your reservations as soon as you confirm your departure date. We will reach out to our partners and secure any refunds we can, but unfortunately this amount is not likely to be substantial.

14) Will you find my flights to and from the beginning and end cities on my trip?

Yes! Simply choose a US departure city on the trip page and we'll use our database to find the affordable flights to book you on to Europe. If you don't see your city, we still may be able to help--simply contact us.

15) How does payment for my trip work?

There are two options of payment for your Voyista trip:

We accept major card brands. You may have to call your bank in advance to authorize the large payment going through. If you have issues with paying these amounts in mass, we may be able to work out alternative multi-payment solutions. Email us at contact@voyista.com if you require a special arrangement (we can’t guarantee a solution, however).

16) Can I make special travel arrangements?

In certain cases, yes, you can! We can usually work with you if you require special adjustments to your Voyista trip. We may be available to do some of the following (charging you more when needed):

We can’t guarantee anything, though. This is all conditional. Email us at contact@voyista.com if you have special requests that you need addressed. We can tell you before you book if it’s possible. When you actually book a trip, only do so if you are content with no special arrangements being available. We can’t ensure anything without talking to you beforehand.

17) When does my tour officially begin and end?

Your Voyista trip begins when you check in to our Voyista partner hostel on the first day of your trip. It ends the morning after the last day of Voyista-booked accommodation. We are not responsible for any bookings or reservations outside these time periods.

18) How should I prepare for my Voyista trip?

We offer you a comprehensive packing list and preparation guide once you purchase a trip. There are a few things that you should start considering before you buy a trip:

Release and Agreement

By signing and electronically submitting the Voyista checkout form and purchasing a trip, I understand and agree to the following stipulations and recognize that I am the one taking this trip (or am a parent/guardian of said person if they are under the age of 18):