Too Old for Contiki? Here's Your Perfect Alternative: Voyista!

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There's something to be said about the magic of traveling in your younger days—fresh perspectives, new experiences, and the unending curiosity that comes with exploring unfamiliar terrains. Contiki, long hailed as a go-to for the young traveler, has a well-known age limit that caps off at 35. But who says adventure and exploration should be limited by a number?

Voyista: An Ideal Alternative for All Ages

Here at Voyista, we firmly believe that the thrill of discovery should be accessible to anyone with wanderlust in their veins, regardless of age. That's why we provide an unmatched alternative for travelers over 35 who want to explore Europe without the upper age limit capping their aspirations.

Voyista is breaking barriers and reinventing the idea of travel by integrating the most efficient and reliable transportation and accommodation options, all while catering to diverse age groups and nationalities. From solo travelers to groups and even mother-daughter pairs, we have a range of purpose-built offerings that cater to everyone.

We've partnered with an array of top-rated hostels known for their exceptional social atmospheres, so it's not just about seeing new places but also creating great connections along the way. These hostels are not just for hostel-goers in their twenties and thirties; they accommodate, embrace, and celebrate diversity in their guests, creating enriching cultural experiences for all.

Travel Smart with Avopass

One of our unique offerings is the Avopass app. Unlike the traditional 'bus tour guided by a tour guide,' this innovative tool provides information 24/7, even offline. From step-by-step directions to airports and train stations to booking times and e-tickets, everything you need for your travel journey is available at your fingertips. The app also includes expertly crafted city guides and information on accommodations.

In addition to being a comprehensive travel guide, our underlying philosophy allows you to explore at your rhythm. We take care of the essentials of travel, leaving you the freedom to decide how you want your journey to unfold.

Sustainability in Traveling

Did we mention that we're also passionate about sustainability? We strive to reduce the carbon footprint of our travelers by booking trains instead of flights. This isn't just good for the environment; traveling by train is the best way to see Europe, with its magnificent landscapes and diverse cultural panoramas unfolding before your eyes. Plus, the accommodations we work with are diligently chosen based on their sustainability efforts.

Affordable Packages for Longer Periods

With Voyista, you can embark on affordable journeys ranging from a few weeks to several months. We intentionally keep costs down, so you can travel for longer durations and discover more without breaking the bank. Our trips are often up to 50% cheaper than our competitors, making us the most affordable travel company around.

End-of-the-day, travel is a celebration of life, discovery, and cultural exchange. At Voyista, we simply believe that no one should be left behind because of an arbitrary age restriction. So whether you're 25 or 65, if you have a heart full of wanderlust, Voyista is for you.

Discover a different, unfiltered, and perfectly affordable way of traveling with Voyista. See more, spend less, and create unforgettable memories without age limitations.