2023 College Spring Break Dates

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Spring Break is a time-honored tradition for college students in the United States, a break from the rigors of academic life and an opportunity to relax and recharge. But for many students, it's also an opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. That's why we've compiled a list of the 2023 Spring Break dates for hundreds of different universities, so you can plan your next adventure.

Whether you're looking to escape the cold winter weather and head to a tropical paradise, or explore the ancient ruins of Europe, Spring Break is the perfect time to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip. And with our end-to-end travel experiences, all accommodation and transportation is taken care of, making it easy for you to plan and book your dream vacation.

So whether you're a student looking to make the most of your Spring Break, or a young professional looking to plan your next adventure, we've got you covered.

All 2023 College Spring Break Dates:

Adelphi UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
American University March 12th - 17th
Amherst College March 12th - 17th
Arizona State University March 5th - 10th
Auburn UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Aurora UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Babson College March 12th - 17th
Ball State UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Barry University March 5th - 10th
Baylor UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Belmont University March 5th - 10th
Bentley University March 12th - 17th
Berklee College of Music March 19th - 24th
Boston CollegeMarch 5th - 10th
Boston University March 5th - 10th
Bucknell University March 12th - 17th
California Institute of TechnologyMarch 19th - 24th
Carnegie Mellon University March 5th - 10th
Case Western Reserve UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Central Michigan UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Clark UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Clarkson UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Clemson University March 19th - 24th
Cleveland State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Coastal Carolina University March 5th - 10th
Colgate University March 12th - 17th
Colorado State University March 12th - 17th
Columbia UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Creighton UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Dartmouth CollegeMarch 19th - 24th
Duke University March 12th - 17th
East Carolina University March 5th - 10th
Elon UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Emory University March 5th - 10th
Florida Atlantic UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Florida Gulf Coast University March 5th - 10th
Florida State University March 12th - 17th
Fordham University March 12th - 17th
Franklin and Marshall College March 12th - 17th
Gallaudet UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
George Mason UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
George Washington University March 12th - 17th
Georgetown University March 5th - 10th
Georgia Institute of Technology March 19th - 24th
Georgia State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Gonzaga UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Grand Valley State UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Harvard University March 12th - 17th
Hofstra University March 19th - 24th
Illinois Institute of TechnologyMarch 12th - 17th
Illinois State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Indiana State UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Indiana University Bloomington March 12th - 17th
Iona College March 12th - 17th
Iowa State University March 12th - 17th
Ithaca College March 12th - 17th
James Madison University March 12th - 17th
Johns Hopkins University March 19th - 24th
Kansas State University March 12th - 17th
Kenneesaw State UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Lehigh University March 12th - 17th
Lesley UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Lipscomb UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Loyola University in Maryland March 5th - 10th
Loyola University of ChicagoMarch 5th - 10th
Lynn University March 5th - 10th
Marist College March 12th - 17th
Marquette University March 12th - 17th
Marshall UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Michigan State University March 5th - 10th
Michigan Tech UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Mississippi State University March 12th - 17th
Missouri State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Montana State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Montclair State UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
New York University March 12th - 17th
North Carolina State University March 12th - 17th
North Dakota State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Northeastern University March 5th - 10th
Northwood UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Ohio State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Ohio University March 5th - 10th
Oklahoma City UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Oklahoma State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Pace UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Palm Beach State CollegeMarch 5th - 10th
Pennsylvania State UnivMarch 5th - 10th
Princeton University March 12th - 17th
Purdue UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Quinnipiac University March 12th - 17th
Regis UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Rice University March 12th - 17th
Rollins College March 12th - 17th
Rowan University March 12th - 17th
Rutgers UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Sacred Heart UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Salve Regina University March 12th - 17th
Samford UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Seton Hall University March 5th - 10th
South Dakota State UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Southern Illinois UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Southern Methodist University March 12th - 17th
St. Louis UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Stony Brook UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
SUNY at Albany March 12th - 17th
SUNY at Buffalo March 20th - 24th
SUNY at Farmingdale March 12th - 17th
SUNY at New Paltz March 12th - 17th
SUNY College at Brockport March 12th - 17th
SUNY College at Buffalo March 19th - 24th
SUNY College at Cortland March 12th - 17th
SUNY College at Fredonia March 12th - 17th
SUNY College at Geneseo March 12th - 17th
SUNY College at Oneonta March 12th - 17th
SUNY College at Oswego March 12th - 17th
SUNY College at Plattsburgh March 12th - 17th
Syracuse UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Temple UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Texas A&M UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
Texas Christian University March 12th - 17th
Texas Tech University March 12th - 17th
The Catholic University of AmericaMarch 5th - 10th
The New SchoolMarch 12th - 17th
Towson University March 19th - 24th
Tufts UniversityMarch 19th - 24th
University of AlabamaMarch 12th - 17th
University of AlbanyMarch 12th - 17th
University of Arizona March 5th - 10th
University at BuffaloMarch 19th - 24th
University of Central Florida March 12th - 17th
University of CincinnatiMarch 12th - 17th
University of ConnecticutMarch 12th - 17th
University of DaytonMarch 12th - 17th
University of Florida March 12th - 17th
University of Georgia March 5th - 10th
University of Hartford March 12th - 17th
University of HawaiiMarch 12th - 17th
University of Houston March 12th - 17th
University of Idaho March 12th - 17th
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign March 12th - 17th
University of Indianapolis March 12th - 17th
University of Iowa March 12th - 17th
University of KansasMarch 12th - 17th
University of Kentucky March 12th - 17th
University of Louisville March 12th - 17th
University of Maine March 12th - 17th
University of MarylandMarch 19th - 24th
University of MassachusettsMarch 12th - 17th
University of MemphisMarch 5th - 10th
University of MiamiMarch 12th - 17th
University of MinnesotaMarch 5th - 10th
University of MississippiMarch 12th - 17th
University of NebraskaMarch 12th - 17th
University of Nevada-Las Vegas March 12th - 17th
University of New Hampshire March 12th - 17th
University of North CarolinaMarch 12th - 17th
University of North Carolina at GreensboroMarch 5th - 10th
University of North Florida March 12th - 17th
University of Notre Dame March 12th - 17th
University of OklahomaMarch 12th - 17th
University of Pennsylvania March 5th - 10th
University of PittsburghMarch 5th - 10th
University of Richmond March 5th - 10th
University of Rochester March 5th - 10th
University of South CarolinaMarch 5th - 10th
University of South Florida March 12th - 17th
University of Southern California March 12th - 17th
University of Tampa March 5th - 10th
University of TennesseeMarch 12th - 17th
University of TexasMarch 12th - 17th
University of Vermont March 12th - 17th
University of Virginia March 5th - 10th
University of WyomingMarch 12th - 17th
Vanderbilt University March 5th - 10th
Villanova University March 5th - 10th
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Virginia TechMarch 5th - 10th
Wake Forest University March 5th - 10th
Washington University of St. Louis March 12th - 17th
Wesleyan UniversityMarch 12th - 17th
West Virginia University March 12th - 17th
Western Michigan UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
Wilkes UniversityMarch 5th - 10th
College of William & MaryMarch 12th - 17th
Yale University March 12th - 24th