Let's Travel Responsibly.

Our goal is to travel in a way that protects local interests, culture, and the environment so that future generations can enjoy what the world has to offer.

Our founders have recognized that we must be cognizant of the effect on the world as travelers. Here at Voyista, we do our best to ensure that our travel is sustainable so future travelers can enjoy the world.

We're constantly improving.

Below is some of what we're doing to try to reduce our negative impact as a travel provider. We recognize current solutions aren't perfect, so we're always striving to improve our efforts.

European Highlight Trip

All flights with Voyista are carbon offset.

In an effort to counteract the harmful effects of air travel, we offset all the carbon emissions that are emitted during your travel.

How do we do this?

Unfortunately, the limits of current air travel technology mean that there will be CO2 being emitted into the air no matter what. We, however, buy an equal amount of credits through the United Nations Carbon Offset Platform to “offset” the carbon footprint you have through this trip.

How can I find the amount Voyista offset for my travel?

We invest in projects through the UN, most of which focus on transitioning to renewable energy quicker in developing countries. You'll receive a UN certificate showing the donation we made for their trip to offset the entirety of their carbon emissions.

We work with properties that have a focus on sustainability and helping the local community.

Voyista carefully selects the partners that we work with. Above selecting properties with great social atmospheres and high ratings for travelers, we also try to work with accommodation providers that focus on limiting their effect on the environment.

Hostels are already much more efficient and have less of an impact on a per-traveler basis than hotels. Our accommodation providers also have worked on installing motion-sensor lights, reducing single-use plastic, implementing LED along with other greener technology, donating left-behind clothing, and using water more efficiently.

Using public transport to reduce our impact as travelers.

Voyista tries to have its travelers use public transport whenever possible, as this method of travel has the least impact on the environment and city congestion.

By taking the subway or bus instead of a private taxi from arrival locations like airports, travelers not only save money but also have a much smaller impact on the environment and transportation infrastructure of a city.

Voyista guides travelers through the process of using public transport in an effective and easy-to-understand way on our mobile app. This makes low-impact city travel a breeze.

Help Us Improve

While Taking a Trip

Notice any of our travel partners being particularly wasteful or harmful to the environment? Let us know and we'll get in touch with them.

New Ideas for Sustainability

What else are we missing? What can Voyista do better? We're open to any suggestions.

General Questions

Have any questions about our position on sustainability? Feel free to reach out to us.

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